Having John as my contractor on my North Glenmore Park house was an eye opening experience, from the design concept and planning through the building and the finishing. The details that he took care to remind me of and the subtle differences in design and finishing were something only a true craftsman and committed builder would know.”

— Brian Roberts

Big Eyed Fish were wonderful to work with.  They were friendly, professional, and reliable.  If they said they would finish something in a particular way, by a particular time, they did exactly that.  We would buy from them again, or tell our friends to do so without a moments hesitation.

Our home was sparkling clean and ready for us, exactly as we had envisioned it, when we were ready to move in.  John had completed every detail for us.  The hardwood flooring, the tiles in the bathrooms, the paint and fixtures were perfectly complete.  Nothing was forgotten or ignored, right down to the smallest detail.  I walked in and looked around, and I knew there were no jobs to worry about.  Nothing needed attention.  Everything was taken care of.”

— Jim Baergen

Dear John,

We would like to thank you for the care and excellent workmanship.  Our renovation was a huge undertaking and your expert planning and helpful suggestions truly made the project all the more livable.  I know that without your careful attention to detail, our costs and patience could have soared out of control.  It is our sincere hope that when we one day have the opportunity to build our dream home; you’ll be the one to make it come true.

Best regards and warm wishes,

The Maric family